The Mellow Way to Wealth

A Stress-Free Guide to Financial Independence


Drown out the noise and let the money do the work

Most of us struggle with emotional and psychological challenges when it comes to money. And the noise from daily headlines and social media only contributes to our potential discomfort. Learning to overcome these obstacles and changing our money mindset is how we grow rich—both as investors and as human beings.

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    Build Financial Success

    Through self reflection and self awareness

    Analyze Realistic Risks

    Learn how to tell the difference between real and percieved risk

    Shut Off the Noise

    And profit in a counterintuitive market

    Do Less to Earn More

    Learn how to grow your money with long term investing

    Meet the Author

    Mick Heyman, CFA and Founder of Heyman Investment Counseling, has a 40-year career in wealth management, helping individuals and institutions of all sizes to build and preserve wealth with his stress-free method for mellowing your money.

    Mick started his career at a small firm in Cincinnati before moving to Louisville to focus on equities with a team of top equity managers, managing billions in assets for clients. His career came full circle when he moved to San Diego to work with individual investors, some of whom have remained loyal to him for more than 30 years.