Mellow Your Money

About the Author

Mick Heyman, CFA and Founder of Heyman Investment Counseling, has a 40-year career in wealth management, helping individuals and institutions of all sizes to build and preserve wealth with his stress-free method for mellowing your money.

Mick started his career at a small firm in Cincinnati before moving to Louisville to focus on equities with a team of top equity managers, managing billions in assets for clients. His career came full circle when he moved to San Diego to work with individual investors, some of whom have remained loyal to him for more than 30 years.

Mick received a Bachelor of Economics from Northwestern and is a designated CFA. Despite a formal education in economics, it was really his interest in philosophy and psychology which showed him that human emotion is ultimately what drives the market. This realization has helped him make better money decisions for himself and his clients, using an understanding of human nature and an appreciation for long-term trends.

Mick writes articles showing how to mellow your money on LinkedIn and has appeared in the Wall Street Journal as well as other financial publications. His writing and speaking focuses on sound money management as the path to health, wealth, and wisdom..

Now settled in San Diego, Heyman takes full advantage of his proximity to the mountains and the sea. He spends his free time playing tennis and golf or surfing with his kids. He enjoys reading mysteries and Russian literature, and dedicates time to meditation, yoga, qigong, and juggling.